Our Services

At The Athlete’s College Funding Specialists , You can expect us to get to know you and your family, your goals, and what matters most to you. We will ascertain your values and your goals and help use them to make decisions that are in alignment.

The first (and most important) step of the process? We’ll get to know your investment style at your convenience, whether you prefer a phone meeting or to sit down in person. From there, we’ll make recommendations based on your needs, goals, and comfort zone.

Here you can browse a list of the products and services that fall under our areas of expertise. We are confident we can help you make progress toward your financial goals.

We specialize in the following services:

College Planning

Determine appropriate College Choices based on your student’s interests Create a college application.


Post College Debt Elimination

We use the INFINITE BANKING SYSTEM™ to plan to eliminate the student loan debt within 9-10 years!


Retirement Planning

We use the Smart Money Philosophy: Whenever you need money, there’s a smart place to get it.


Schedule a Complimentary meeting with Eric and lets start the planning process for your student. You will leave the meeting with your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) towards the cost of College, a better understanding of the College selection process and if you bring along 4 Colleges you are investigating, you will receive a report showing you what your cost will be for each Schedule an Appointment