College Planning

  • Determine appropriate College Choices based on your student’s abilities and interests
  • Create a college application timeline and plan for each student
  • Filling out the FAFSA and PROFILE forms for financial aid
  • Determine strategies to minimize the Expected Family Contribution and maximize Financial Aid
  • Finding the most cost-effective colleges to eliminate or minimize student debt and not impact your retirement.
  • Assessing and appealing College Award letters


The “Promise”

Parents receive “Our Promise”  which consists of the following:


  1. Develop a customized “Student Profile Report” that is approximately 60-80 pages filled with information regarding your eligibility for financial aid.  It will also contain detailed information about colleges, universities, ACT, SAT, board exams AP/ CLEP courses, etc.
  2. Analyze your student’s ability to qualify for college funding and to what extent by computing your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for both the federal and complicated Institutional Methodology.
  3. We assist them in helping them with the FAFSA entries, and with their permission we submit the complicated FAFSA forms, as well as the CSS Profile forms for the Ivy League Colleges, UVA etc.
  4. We provide a customized “college search” that evaluates colleges that they have specified and pinpoint others that offers the curriculum that fits their child’s career goals and a variety of other specified criteria.  The schools chosen by us are generally those schools that historically have offered high percentages of remaining need.
  5. Gain access to our “Negotiation Team”.  We assist in helping them obtain more financial aid with colleges and universities that offer them low unexpectedly low funding.  We evaluate their financial aid packages and determine if the correct amount of financial aid is being provided.  In the event that the package is being under awarded or miss-awarded , we create letters for them to send to the school requesting additional aid.
  6. We provide them with the SAT/ACT practice study guide along with the software produced by the Kaplan Learning Centers to help them improve their test scores.
  7. We provide them with access to a computer driven comprehensive college and career planning system.  This online personality profile and aptitude test assists their student in potentially choosing a major that their child should enjoy and potentially excel academically.
  8. We inform the parents about the top companies to obtain private student loans that currently have the best interest rates and excellent customer service.
  9. We provide a half hour one on one consultation with one of our Senior College Counselors to discuss the parents Student Profile Report, FAFSA, and CSS Profile filing, and the financial aid process.
  10. We provide the parents and students a toll-free customer service number to call with any questions or concerns they would like to discuss with us.
  11. We run each student through the DOE database of 1 million three hundred thousand outside sources of free money, such as grants, scholarships, charities, and foundation dollars.


Service Packages

ServicesFoundationsFinancial Aid Package
(4+ Years)
Merit Aid Package
(4 Years+)
College BudgetY
Expected Family Contribution (EFC)YYY
Net Cost Projections (for each college)Y
Need-based Aid Enhancement IdeaY
Merit-based Aid Enhancement IdeasY
Student Loan ProjectionsY
Student Access to Aptitude TestingYY
SAT/ACT Study GuideYY
Student Report (60-90 pages)YY
FAFSA SubmissionYY
CSS/IM Profile SubmissionY*Y*
College List Cost Estimates (yours + others)YY
Reallocation of Assets to lower EFCY
List of Collage Grants & Scholarships AvailableYY
College Award Letter AnalysisYY
College Award Letter AppealYY
College Funding Gap AnalysisYY
List of Loan Companies with best Interest RatesYY
Merit Based Scholarship SearchYY
Current Family Balance Sheet & Net WorthY
The College Finder - MajorsY
College Admissions ProbabilityY
College Graduation ProbabilityY
Probable Salary from Major and CollegeY
College Savings StrategiesY
Cashflow Payment ReportY

Foundations Package: Ideal for high school students who have a standardized test score (ACT/SAT) and a list of colleges.
Financial Aid Package: Ideal for families that can get financial aid and want to maximize it.
Merit Aid: Ideal for families that cannot get financial aid and that don’t want to pay the full sticker price.
* CSS Profile Application fee + Per school fees will be billed separately.


Additional Services

ServicesAwards PackageBusiness Owner/ Sole Proprietor PackageAthletes Package
College Award Letters AnalysisY
College Award Letters AppealY
Tax StrategiesY
List of Colleges in your Sport & avg. ScholarshipY
List of Colleges with your Major that do your SportY
Recruitment Education
Education of Athlete's LifeY

For the Awards Package: If we can’t get you 100% more than what the package costs, there is no charge.
For the Business Owner Package: If our strategy doesn’t pay for itself in the first year, there is no charge.
There is no charge for the Athlete’s Package.